A key part of the way we work is making sure you know what you are getting. Bringing in an external consultant always has risks and most of us have examples of consultants who fell short of expectations. Our approach ensures we drive value within your business.

Our Diagnostic Evaluation Will Give You Financial Visibility

Every engagement we have, whether it is bookkeeping for a small business or strategising for a large managed IT business, starts with a diagnostic. The diagnostic is always customised to the business and your reasons for getting in touch.

It is designed to allow us to get to know you and you to know us. Our diagnostics will give you an insight into how a Virtual CFO can add value to your business. We leave you with action plans and reports that allow you to implement all our recommendations without us if you want.

Even if you don’t partner with us, you get something tangible that has value for your business and that document also acts as a guide for what you could expect in a future engagement with us.

A Virtual CFO Provides Support and Financial Control Where You Need It

We understand that every business needs a unique, tailored service from an outsourced financial team.

When our team of Virtual CFO’s provide your business with a diagnostic, we account for your specific financial needs. We can help if your bookkeeper needs support, or if you need a broader financial service that starts strategising for your future. We don’t try to fit a service model onto your business – we aim to add value by catering to the areas you want support.