In this week’s episode, we take a look at how to pay yourself, enabling innovation in the workplace and how one company is solving your high energy costs using the internet.

how to pay yourself as a business owner

How to Pay Yourself (with Michael Colman, Co-Founder of Digital Thing)

Do you:

  • Not charge enough
  • Work crazy hours
  • Not produce work you’re proud of any more because you’re too busy growing?

Then listen to Michael’s story, he got bigger to solve these problems

how to encourage innovation in the workplace

How to Invest in Innovation (with Keran McKenzie, The Futurist Project)

Innovation isn’t about separate division or budget, it’s about everyone asking if there’s a better way to do something. Keran shares two ways to recognise innovative behaviour in your business and three tips on how to innovate.

red grid energy reduce your energy costs

The Pitch (with Dr Adam Bumpus, CEO of Red Grid)

This segment is brought to you by YBF Ventures.  

This business wants to solve your energy costs by using the internet 

Imagine only using energy as you need it. And now imagine sensors in the devices you already have detecting your energy needs and optimising your energy bill to reduce your needs and costs. That’s what Dr Adam Bumpus from Red Grid is doing.