Finding the right financial expert to help your business achieve its goals can be a challenge. Some businesses choose to go the traditional route, complete with an accounting and finance department and a CFO. But hiring and maintaining that kind of staff is expensive, and the people you hire might not be the right fit for your needs.

Increasingly, businesses are wondering whether they should hire a CFO or explore CFO outsourcing with a Outsourced CFO. From our experience as Melbourne’s top financial experts, businesses are finding Outsourced CFO’s more cost effective and more powerful than hiring an entire department of employees.

How Much Does an Outsourced CFO Cost?

The truth is, it’s hard to say. The work that CFO consulting services do for a business varies with what the business needs. With our innovative methods, we can do amazing work for people at prices that they’re blown away by. Every solution we create for our clients is completely customized to your unique financial and business needs.

What is Outsourced CFO Pricing Based On?

Sequel’s Outsourced CFO pricing is based on the services your business needs. Whether you need in-depth cash flow management or basic bookkeeping functions, we can help you. We take into account what your goals are, your current systems and financial position, and how we’ll help grow your business.

Take, for example, a company that needs bookkeeping, strategic advice, and cash‑flow management. We come with a bundle price for them based on their business size and how much work we’ll be doing for them.

Would you like to know what a custom solution for your business might look like? We recommend discussing your unique needs with one of our experts in a free consultation. You can also take the first step towards a smarter financial future with our Diagnostic.

Does Sequel CFO Offer Standalone Services?

Sequel CFO can help your business with any of its finance and accounting needs. Some businesses just need help with once facet of their financial health. That’s why we offer standalone services like bookkeepingmanagement accounting, and business systems implementations. In our business systems implementation, we can set up your business with cloud-based accounting solutions. These provide a wealth of functions to try, allowing you to manage your business’ records more efficiently than ever before. Or, you can use Sequel VCFO as your bookkeeper to manage your accounts for

Or, you can use Sequel CFO as your bookkeeper to manage your accounts for you. You’ll also benefit from month-end insights into your key performance indicators. At Sequel CFO, we also offer online strategic advisers. Our best online consultants can help provide you with key advice to help you grow.