In this week’s episode, we take a look how a business that helps charities through gamification, how tech can help take your business global and how one business has done just that.

Inside the Business: Helping charities raise more dollars by gamifying donations.

With Peretz Schapiro from Charidy

Charities are close to one of the oldest industries going round. Yet the industry hasn’t innovated in the way it engages with donors, or entices them to give, in a long time. This company gamifies a donor’s small donation to amplify its impact and create an urgency to give.

What Tech Gets You Global

With Keran McKenzie, The Futurist Project

We outline the key technology needed to take your business global.

The Pitch: OmnyStudio – A global leader in a brand new sector

With Sharon Taylor, CEO at OmnyStudio. This segment is brought to you by YBF Ventures.  

This company is an Aussie success story, leading the world of podcasting with a small team, whilst remaining profitable and growing the emerging new medium, podcasting.