Sometimes its easy to get caught up in the day to day cash flow in the business, but you need to step back and take a look whether you’re really turning a profit.

Season Overview: Financial Basics 101

Episode Focus: Cash Flow v Profit

Episode Number: S01E01

 ‘How To’ with David Boyar

  • Get back to basics with these crucial accounting concepts
  • “I’m making all this profit, where’s my cash?” – How do different drivers in your business impact your cash flow?
  • What’s your strategy? Cash is king isn’t always the answer.
  • How to know when to reinvest in your business, or when to keep the cash on hand.
  • How to utilise technology and software in your business to create the most value.
  • Using ‘attack’ and ‘defence’ positions to keep your business on top and maximise profitability and cashflow
  • Find out at what stage of the business cycle you should turn your attention from cash to profit.
  • Find out what happens when your overtrade or grow to fast. Read about the failure of Appster with this inside interview from their CFO.
  • Why is it socially acceptable to talk about ‘cash flow problems’ in your business, but much harder to discuss a ‘profit problem’?
  • Understand the drivers in your business so that you can plan forward with confidence.

Tech in Your Business: With Keran McKenzie

Thank you to Keran, from The Futurist Project, for joining us this season to talk about how to use tech to maximise value in your business.

  • Tools to increase profitability and cash flow at the same time
  • Decrease debtor days with these easy to execute strategies or try third party apps or add ons, like ezyCollect or SimplyPay
  • Automate your debt collection process from within your cloud accounting platform with Debtor Daddy, ezyCollect or IODM
  • How to reserve your business’ talent where it is needed most, instead of on costly, repetitive tasks
  • How Hexaware enabled a huge reduction in employee overheads

The Pitch: Piccard AI


Thanks to Timothy Kallady, Founder of for The Pitch. This segment is brought to you by YBF Ventures.

  • How helps businesses by using predictive technologies
  • The business case for using these technology to reduce overheads
  • How they’ve brought new technologies, like AI and machine learning, to the market

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